solutions Integration

The evolution of markets, the creation of new services or products, the introduction of new solutions are all reasons that lead companies to question the relevance and adaptability of their information system. This is often the result of history, restructuring, mergers or acquisitions that have led to the juxtaposition of heterogeneous environments unable to communicate with each other.

Another virtue of integrating solutions will be to offer a homogeneous user interface to applications using different technologies, using different transactional modes.

Solution integration is a multi-step process:

1. The study of your existing software solutions, or in the process of being implemented.

2. Setting up communication bridges (Connectors, API, Driver, etc …)

3. Parameter setting and monitoring is translated by Dashboards illustrating the exchange states between the different interconnected bricks.

The overall objective is to unify your information system in order to have a 360 view.