Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration is the process of integrating changes to the computer code of a software project on a continuous basis, in order to immediately detect and correct possible errors. This is done in order to minimize the integration issues that are real concerns encountered by developers.

Indyli can accompany your team of developers in the implementation of solutions to meet this need. This goes through a practice imposed in :

  1. Code quality

  2. The implementation of mandatory unit tests by atomic functionalities

  3. The use of a source code versioning engine and tool (svn, git , etc.)

There is a plethora of Continuous Integration tools on the market:

  • Jenkins: the most widespread on the market with a proven track record.

  • GitLab CI: GitLab platform plugin dedicated to source integration

  • Travis CI:

  • Bamboo

  • CodeShip

  • Etc…

The choice of one of the tools will depend on :

  • The environment

  • Skills of the project team

  • And solutions on which the source code to be analyzed is based.