Audit & Consulting

The IT audit is a process by which a company wants an expert opinion on strategic choices for future solutions, or those already in place. As you may have guessed, this can be done at any phase of a project:

1. In preliminary project where we advise you very strongly, because it is the crucial stage where taking into account the parameters (functional context, history, evolution perspective, environment, target audience) is of the utmost importance on the orientation and the strategic choices to be deployed.

2. In progress: At this stage we analyze the solution being deployed against the objectives, and the technological revolutions of the market since the project was initiated, with the aim of making the right choices, flexible and therefore the costs of adaptation to business needs would be minimized.

2. In the terminal phase: an audit can also be carried out at this stage to verify:

  1. The appropriateness of the strategy/solution adopted versus the objectives initially set.

  2. The scalability of the system put in place (load capacity)

  3. Robustness

  4. Maintainability

  5. The resilience of the IS (fault tolerance)