This course will introduce all the basic features of WildFly / JBoss. It will allow administrators to acquire all the skills necessary to operate production applications and implement an optimized configuration

At the end of the training you will know:

  • Install a WildFly / Jboss application server
  • Master the deployment modes of the war, jar and ear components
  • Configure a domain with several hosts
  • Monitor the activity of the WildFly / Jboss application server
  • Optimize the performance of the WildFly / Jboss application server
  • Secure access to deployed applications


Duration: 3 Days


  • Knowledge of JEE environments
  • Basics of an application server
  • Knowledge of the java environment (desirable)

Concerned public:

  • Integrator
  • Developer
  • Technical architect


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1 June 2019


Trainings, Java Application servers