SOAP WebService

SOAP WebService

SOAP (old acronym for Simple Object Access Protocol ) is a protocol for exchanging information structured in the implementation of web services built on XML .

It allows the transmission of messages between distant objects, which means that it allows an object to invoke methods of objects physically located on another server . The transfer is most often done using the protocol HTTP , but can also be done by another protocol, such as SMTP .

This SOAP web service training in Java details how it works and teaches you how to develop web-oriented services and their clients with different frameworks and under several servers.

It also shows the 2 development approaches, bottom-up and top-down, the implementation of static clients or dynamic, in asyncrhone or synchronous mode

It also shows the interoperability of heterogeneous systems.

The SOAP protocol is made up of two parts:

  • an envelope, containing information about the message itself to allow its routing and processing;
  • a model data , defining the format of the message, ie the information to be transmitted.

The objectives of this training will be :

  • To make you understand the basic principle of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), one of the implementation protocols of which is SOAP
  • To allow you to understand the basic principle of a specific architecture implementing the SOAP protocol
  • To implement a concrete solution on the model client (consuming SOAP) and server (exponent of SOAP )
  • To let you know the technologies that facilitate today the implementation of SOAP architectures in a Java context

Duration: 2 Days


  • Good basics in Java OOP
  • http protocol
  • XML language

Concerned public: Object developers and Architect


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31 May 2019


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