Spring Boot

Spring Boot

Spring Boot is a framework that facilitates the development of applications based on Spring by offering tools allowing get an application packaged in jar , completely autonomous.


This training will allow you to:

  • Understand the main functions of Spring Boot
  • Speed ​​up your productivity in developing and deploying Java applications
  • Delegate dependencies and compatibility between different libraries to Spring Boot
  • To simplify the implementation of your unit tests
  • Centralize and simplify the configurations of your application layers
  • Locate Spring boot in a multilayer Java architecture
  • Integrate Spring boot with the various other Spring frameworks (Spring security, Spring MVC, Spring Data etc…)
  • Deploy an application carried by Spring Boot
  • You will also have demystified the self configuration which is a very strong added value of Spring Boot


Duration: 2 Days

Prerequisites: Good Spring CORE bases

Concerned Audience: Java developers & amp; Architects.


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29 May 2019


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