Spring Batch

Spring Batch

Spring-Batch meets a recurring need: the management of batch programs written in Java.

Spring-Batch is a framework resulting from the collaboration between SpringSource and Accenture. If the framework seems more and more complete and functional, it suffers from its configuration complexity and remains a bit difficult to access despite the efforts of the development team.

The main issues addressed by this framework.

  • Batch processing for example,to avoid loading in memory all the data processed by the batch. This type of operation is suitable for processing large volumes of data. In addition, Spring-batch provides implementations of classes allowing batch reading or writing on various types of media (SQL, flat file, etc.), which avoids reinventing the wheel .
  • Transaction management: Spring-batch relies on the transaction management provided by Spring, and therefore allows you to manage transactions in your batches in a declarative way.
  • Error recovery management, another feature that the framework strongly helps you to implement.
  • Using Spring: the developer who is used to Spring can easily reuse its concepts and components of this framework such as JdbcTemplates or integration with Hibernate…
  • Development framework: in my opinion, one of the most fundamental contributions of Spring-batch is to propose a development framework around common notions such as Job, Step, ItemWriter etc., which helps a lot for the maintainability of the batch code: a developer who has to maintain different batches can switch from one to the other, the software is organized around the same classes and interfaces.



At the end of this training you will be able to :

  • Know how to situate Spring Batch in a multi-layer Java architecture.
  • Know how to identify recurring problems with batches written in Java
  • Find out if Spring Batch can meet one of your needs (or not)
  • Have integrated the main notions (mentioned above)
  • Starting from scratch and initiating Spring Batch projects


Duration : 3 days

Public : object developers / Architects

Prerequisite : Good basics in Java OOP and have completed an introductory training course in Spring Core.


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28 August 2019


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