Basic in C#

Basic in C#

This C # training will allow you to master the fundamentals of C # and the Visual Studio programming environment. Beyond the C # language, which remains the basic objective of the training, the .NET platform will also be presented to you in order to understand the global environment on which the C # language can be based.

More concretely after the training you will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of object development (class, method, inheritance, etc.)
  • Understand the role of the .NET framework and know how to use its classes
  • Configure and use Visual Studio
  • Master the syntax and concepts of the C # language.
  • Use ADO.NET and LINQ to access and manipulate data from a database regardless of its source
  • Know how to apply the main principles of C # to the creation of rich applications (Windows Forms or WPF)
  • Use XML web services in a C # application.
  • Test advanced C # functionality.
  • Create a first web application in ASP.NET

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Duration : 5 days

Public : object developers

Prerequisites : OOP


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14 May 2019


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