About us

Our pleasure lies in the service we provide.


Getting in touch with the right person behind the right profile for Quality Services


Solution Integration

The evolution of markets, the creation of new services or products, the introduction of new solutions are all reasons that lead companies to question the relevance and adaptability of their information system.


Training & Support

Business management consulting, Professional management training, business management



Software Design and Development

Our taste for a well-designed web imposes a rigorous methodology that does not neglect any stage, from the audit of the existing system to the specifications.



Our team is spread over the France and Cameroon divisions.

Thanks to our diverse and varied offer of IT services (Information System, Training, Solutions Integration, Audit, development,…)

With several years of services to companies in various sectors, we will be able to offer you solutions that are closest to your needs.

Our offers adapt to your needs and to the evolution of your business for a 100% personalized support.

Software Development & Web Application 0
Data Integration 0
Training 0
Customer support 0

Those in charge

France & Cameroon divisions

IT Architect
Christophe ZOME

Consultant Engineer / IT Architect and Manager of INDYLI-SERVICES

Project Manager Consultant
Blaise KENNE

Project Manager Consultant of INDYLI-SERVICES

DBA & Software Developer
Romaric JIOGUE

Software Developer/ DBA / Software Integrate of INDYLI-SERVICES

Webdesigner & Graphiste

Webdesigner & graphic designer of INDYLI-SERVICES